East Central Junior Day Results- Held at Norwood Fairground, July 15, 2009

28/07/2009 14:40

 Written by Andreanna Sullivan


Junior day was a great success all because of our sponsors, organizers, volunteers and of course the outgoing

participants. The day started off with registration which was very well organized no one had to stand in line for

long. Afterwards we received muffins and the day was at foot. The first half of the day we judged and placed all

classes and prepared reasons for the classes we had to present, which were beef, dairy, aprons and first aid kits.

At noon we were treated with hamburgers and hot dogs, vegetables and milk for lunch. Giving reasons came

right after lunch some were looking forward to it and others not so much but most people completed all classes

and felt relieved by the end of it. Farmer Olympics was organized by the ambassadors who dedicated their time

to put together a series of team building events. The activities were tug-a-war, sac races, pass the hula-hoop,

find the pool noodle (blind folded) and carry the tire. After the exiting day there was still more to come we

walked to the Norwood community centre for the award ceremony and a wonderful roast beef and chicken

dinner. There was a dance full of dancing and laughing it was a good way to finish the day. Junior day ended up

being a fun and a very successful day.