The following are 4-H clubs in Peterborough County for the 2009 4-H season:


    Ennismore Beef - Dave Cavanagh

    Douro Knitting Nannies - Marie Howran

    Indian River Horse - Marie Howran and Sue Dubbin

    North Beef - Gordon Ray and Cyndy Leahy

    Norwood Chocolate - Cathy Stockdale and Tracy Dafoe

    Norwood Dairy - Dean Warner, Francis Crowley and John Crowley

    Norwood Dairy Goat - Stan and Lily Anne Vince

    Norwood Field Crops - Dean Warner and Jim Buck

    Norwood Poultry - Jason McIntosh and Cathy Stockdale

    Otonabee Field Crops - Les Hutchinson and Don Oliver

    Otonabee Dairy - Diane Armstrong, Joe McGriskin, and Melissa McGriskin

    Peterborough Canine - Chuck Lamers and Donna Maw

    Peterborough Sheep - Laura Robinson and Katie Wood

    Peterborough West Dairy - Andrew Larmer and Jason Vowles

    Photography - Karen Seymour, Diane Armstrong and Cathy Stockdale

    South Beef - Peter Doris and Les Hutchinson

    The Milky Whey - Cathy Stockdale and Sherry Stockdale    

    Woodlot Management - Danielle Sullivan, Carmelle Sullivan, Matt and Marie Michelle